11 Regular Expression Testers

Regular expressions can be a great help when sifting through a string of information. They provide an excellent alternative to multiple hand-written comparisons. Unfortunately, they are usually tough to read and debug.

In this article, we present 11 regular expression testers. Each one of these tools will help you debug and validate your regular expressions. Not only will they save you time, but they will do so for free. In addition, most are browser-based, allowing you to use them without downloads. Let’s get started…

1. JavaScript Regular Expression Tester

JavaScript Regular Expression Tester

2. Regular Expression Utility

Regular Expression Utility

3. RegexPal


4. RegExr


5. Regex Tester Add-on for Firefox

Regex Tester Add-on for Firefox

6. Regular Expression Test Tool

Regular Expression Test Tool

7. JAVA Regular Expression Tester

JAVA Regular Expression Tester

8. Regular Expression Validator

Regular Expression Validator

9. Ruby Regex Tester

Ruby Regex Tester

10. RegJex


11. Regex Tester

Regex Tester

Good luck with your regular expression testing!

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  • Hi, this list is nice. I am Microsoft developer and I’ve recently noticed that regular expressions in Visual Studio 2008 are slightly different then the standard. Not nice of course but this is the reality. Maybe the tool for checking the Visual Studio Regex expression could be nice?

    I have wrote something more about it. (http://blog.goyello.com/2009/08/22/do-it-like-a-pro-–-visual-studio-find-and-replace/)

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