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7 Navigation Examples and Tutorials

Having a good navigational menu for your website is especially important because a visitor needs to be able to navigate your site easily. Even so, it can still be creative and add an artistic touch.

Below we present 7 great examples of menus. These tutorials and examples will help you create a unique menu that encourages viewers to visit other pages in your website.

1. Navigation Menus: Trends and Examples

Navigation menu ideas

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3 Cool Color Generators

One of the most important tools for a web designer is a color generator. Below we present 3 different color generators and more to efficiently create color schemes that are pleasing to the eye. Prepare yourself for this shocking wave of new generation color generators!


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Tips for Logo Designs

Regardless of whether your site is a blog or a company webpage, in order to create an impact on your viewers, you must have a distinctive logo.

Below we present 5 sites that provide tips for logo designers. These sites will ensure that you create a logo that will impress your visitors.

1. The Anatomy of a Logo


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