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10 Amazing Photo Galleries

Using photo galleries is an excellent way to display your sites images creatively and interactively. Below, we present 10 amazing photo galleries. Using these to display photos, graphic design pieces, or other images will draw in more visitors and boost your site’s popularity.

1. Flickr Slideshow

photo galleries

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Popular Website Trends

For the past few years, website designs have become more image-based and depend heavily on photo shopped images. Websites are also transforming to bring in real life elements, such as a desktop layout, or center around large graphic designs. This list of trends includes new development tactics that attract visitors and designs that have been pervading the web. Regardless of whether you like these new changes or not, you can look over this gallery of trends and come up with new ideas for your site or measure up your old school site with the competition.

Below we present 9 popular website trends. Feel free to use these to try and blend in with the rest of the crowd or to avoid looking like everyone else.

1. A Showcase of Popular Web Design Trends

Website Trends

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10 Impressive DeviantArt Patterns

Background patterns are always a great addition to create an impressive website. Even if you don’t use them often, knowing where you can find great patterns is key. DeviantArt is one pattern provider which really offers excellent patterns.

Below we present 10 impressive DeviantArt patterns. We hope that these patterns will inspire you to create unique website themes. Let’s get started.

1. Seamless Photoshop Patterns

Seamless Photoshop Patterns By OneThirtyTwo

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