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Many web developers who want to add interactive content to their sites are not able to invest in Macromedia Flash. An easier and cheaper solution would be to use JavaFX, a client platform that creates RIAs or rich internet applications. With JavaFX, you can create applications for computers, mobile phones, and other devices.


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11 Regular Expression Testers

Regular expressions can be a great help when sifting through a string of information. They provide an excellent alternative to multiple hand-written comparisons. Unfortunately, they are usually tough to read and debug.

In this article, we present 11 regular expression testers. Each one of these tools will help you debug and validate your regular expressions. Not only will they save you time, but they will do so for free. In addition, most are browser-based, allowing you to use them without downloads. Let’s get started…

1. JavaScript Regular Expression Tester

JavaScript Regular Expression Tester

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6 Free Text Replacement Systems

As a designer, you often want the best for your sites. Graphics, code, and typography are just a few elements which need to be customized. Unfortunately, when it comes to typography, not all fonts are supported by users. Although some may see your site in full glory, others may have a hard time with the obscure typefaces. Thus, text replacement systems were created.

Text replacement is a way for designers to replace certain parts of their content with images that contain elaborate fonts. This is usually accomplished through dynamic JavaScript, leaving the content completely visible to search engines. In this post, we present 6 free text replacement systems that can solve your typography problems.

1. sIFR 2.0

sIFR 2.0

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