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Free Online Font Editor: FontStruct

Although there are numerous font resources, designers sometimes need to create something specific to the theme they have in mind. Several different font editors, such as Fontographer or FontLab Studio, exist for those who are able to invest money into an expensive program. For those who have Linux as their main OS or do not mind installing external programs to simulate a Linux system inside a Windows or Mac OS, FontForge or Pango might be good program choices.

For the rest of the eager webdesigners, there is a free online font editor called FontStruct in which you can create TrueType fonts using preset tiles on a grid.


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7 Examples of Outstanding Typography

One main cause for an unsuccessful website is typography. If a site is unable to display its content in a reasonable and easy-to-read manner, visitors will leave. Preventing this occurance is a vital job for any web designer. The key to great typography can mean only a few extra lines of CSS.

Below we present 7 examples of outstanding typography. Each of these sites not only make their content legible, but they do so in a way that gives users incentive to read more. Learning from these excellent sources can dynamically change the effectiveness of your site.

1. ZY.SG Personal Portfolio

ZY.SG Personal Portfolio

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6 Free Font Repositories

One of the most important features of web design is choosing appealing yet readable fonts. A designer always needs a wide selection of different fonts in order to create a unique website.

In this article, we have listed 6 of the best sites to find resources for free fonts. These sites below include wide varieties of fonts ranging from decorative typography to impressive yet legible body fonts. We hope that this selection will help you compile a comprehensive library of fonts for any use.

1. exljbris Font Foundry

exljbris Font Foundry

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